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Weekly Cool Down #2

Weekly Cool Down  #2  14.01.20 The past 7-days have been personally rather quiet in terms of training. There was nothing ground-breaking but just a solid week to get under my belt. Tuesday evening was spent down at Cottage working on that vo2, it was a short but punchy session with short recoveries - 70” between the 3minutes. It definitely took a lot more out off me than I had initially expected and I really valued having Thursday off. Saturday was Round III of Surrey xc and was probably my best ever result at a XC event. Given I only really enjoy the team aspect of XC, as I am really not that good at it - I was very happy to finish in 2nd place as this is the best XC result I have ever had. I did not particularly run the race that well but as a team it looks like we will be getting promoted to div 1 at the end of the season and have a crack to run with the big boys. This was the first time wearing the spikes this season and surprisingly the calves and body were in

Weekly Cool Down #1 - 07/01/20

Weekly Cool Down  #1  07.01.20 A week in Chamonix really takes a lot out of the body trying to fit in the running on top of the skiing meant that I went into this past week with tired legs and a couple niggles specifically in my hamstring and right ankle. Robert, kindly squeezed me in on the Monday to help work out the niggles and flush out the legs ahead of Wednesday.  Wrap Up Monday: AM: 8miles @ 7:07/m - massage session / PM : 60min cycle  Tuesday: AM: 6miles @ 7:07/m / PM: 6miles @ 6:54/m - This was a different approach to telford so really took it easy on these runs but inluded some drills in the PM Wednesday: AM: 1.4m WU - Serpentine NYT Race - 31:51 / PM: 5miles @ 7:15/m Thursday: AM: 12miles @ 6:52/m / Gym session - included kettlebell and plyometric drills Friday: AM: 8miles @ 6:52/m / PM: 6.3miles @ 6:00/m  Saturday: AM: 10min Tempo (5:09/m) - 10* 60”hills - 5*250m (avg. 4:40/m-45”) - this was a tough session but a great one to put in the