Weekly Cool Down #1 - 07/01/20

Weekly Cool Down 
A week in Chamonix really takes a lot out of the body trying to fit in the running on top of the skiing meant that I went into this past week with tired legs and a couple niggles specifically in my hamstring and right ankle. Robert, kindly squeezed me in on the Monday to help work out the niggles and flush out the legs ahead of Wednesday. 

Wrap Up
Monday: AM: 8miles @ 7:07/m - massage session / PM: 60min cycle 
Tuesday: AM: 6miles @ 7:07/m / PM: 6miles @ 6:54/m - This was a different approach to telford so really took it easy on these runs but inluded some drills in the PM
Wednesday: AM:1.4m WU - Serpentine NYT Race - 31:51 / PM: 5miles @ 7:15/m
Thursday: AM: 12miles @ 6:52/m / Gym session - included kettlebell and plyometric drills
Friday: AM: 8miles @ 6:52/m / PM: 6.3miles @ 6:00/m 
Saturday: AM: 10min Tempo (5:09/m) - 10* 60”hills - 5*250m (avg. 4:40/m-45”) - this was a tough session but a great one to put in the bank. 10.8miles @ 6:24/m / PM: 5miles @ 7:07/m
Sunday: 15miles @ 6:24 with Andy - I felt very tired following the Saturday session but capped of a solid week one

Total: 89miles - 10hrs 20minutes 
Workouts: Sunday 13.2miles Steady @5:50/m, Wednesday 10km race, Saturday Tempo+Hills+STrides

Serpentine NTD 10k 

Heading into this race I had no blooming idea what sort of shape I was in and on the start line Alex Hobley turned to me and asked if I was going to go as fast as Telford. Physcologically, I did not believe I was in the same sort of shape as I was in before Telford and given the course, conditions and preparation I was more thinking along the lines of 32:15 - 32:45. The first 400m felt very swift and as we went past the 1k point I looked at my watch and it was showing that we were running 5:20/m now I knew this was utter rubbish but it did give me a kick up the backside and I made a effort to get to the front. Taking the sharp right to hit the down slope towards the Serpentine when I hit the flat I made the call to test the waters and see if there would be anyone else that would be committed to sticking with me. This was not the case I ended up going through the first mile in 5:11, the second mile I progressed to 5:07 and the 3rd mile which was uphill cut down the pace to a 5:05. Making the left hand turn to pass the 5k marker my watch showed 15:40 and having had a quick glance back on the turn to see where 2nd was he was a good 40” back. I knew I should be able to hold onto 1st but i drew motivation from the opportunity to run another sub32 and run as close to my Telford time as possible. 

The 4th & 5th mile let me down as I ended up trying to dodge tourist and lapped runners, weaving in and out, and slowing down to 5:11 & 5:15. The last mile surprised me, even running through this park over 1,000, I have never run under the bridge in this direction and what came out of nowhere was a small incline which the legs were not thankful for. After the serpentine bridge there was a 800m, what felt much longer, drag to the finish. At this point I knew that the PB was not on the cards and was finding it difficult to go up a gear. 

I was really pleased with the way I raced as I pretty much solo time trial my second fastest 10k and in fact I think this performance was on another level compared to Telford.This is a nice position to be in heading into 2020 as I believe the last two weeks my fitness has improved. Also a big shout out to the rest of the fulham runners as we ended up picking up the Team 1st place prize, and this bodes well for XC this coming weekend.  

Next on the cards is Surrey XC on Saturday but following this 10k result I do want to do a 5k and have signed up for the Serpentine  LFOTM 5k on the 31st Jan and as I have planned to also do Chichester 2 days on from this I will need to make a call however I have 3 weeks to get in the best possible shape for this whether it be attempting a sub15 or sub 31.

This Weeks Focus
With XC this weekend I want to focus on all my activation drills to make sure everything is firing correctly ahead of Sunday. Over the last two months I have been really diligent at doing these exercises before my runs and it has really benefitted me as it helps prepare the body as it switches on the neuromuscular connection and this allows you to quickly find out what areas of your body might have picked up a niggle, plus getting the oxygenated blood to these muscles. - Its a long clip but worth using some of these drills Gwen Jorgensen does.


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