Weekly Cool Down #2

Weekly Cool Down 

The past 7-days have been personally rather quiet in terms of training. There was nothing ground-breaking but just a solid week to get under my belt. Tuesday evening was spent down at Cottage working on that vo2, it was a short but punchy session with short recoveries - 70” between the 3minutes. It definitely took a lot more out off me than I had initially expected and I really valued having Thursday off. Saturday was Round III of Surrey xc and was probably my best ever result at a XC event. Given I only really enjoy the team aspect of XC, as I am really not that good at it - I was very happy to finish in 2nd place as this is the best XC result I have ever had. I did not particularly run the race that well but as a team it looks like we will be getting promoted to div 1 at the end of the season and have a crack to run with the big boys. This was the first time wearing the spikes this season and surprisingly the calves and body were in good shape on Sunday. On reflection I probably ran a bit hard on the Sunday but I was basing my effort on Hr and keeping it at 150bpm so I was happy to clock of 17miles at 6:10/miles. Over the next 2-days I am really going to focus on my recovery so that I can be ready to hit Tuesdays session hard. 

Wrap Up
Monday: AM: 8miles @ 7:06/m / PM: 8miles @ 6:39/m +Gym & Activation
Tuesday: AM: 4miles @ 7:17/m/   PM: 4miles WU - 6min (2mins)-4*3mins(70”)-(2mins)6min)-3mWD
Wednesday: 11miles @ 7:08/m + Gym workout
Thursday: REST
Friday: AM: 8miles @ 6:52/m / PM: 5miles + Strides @6:52/m + Dills and Activation
Saturday: AM: 35min Swim / PM: 2.4m WU - Surrey XC 4.8miles @ 5:28/m -  2nd place
Sunday: 17miles @6:10/m - keeping HR below 150bpm
Total: 80miles - 9hours  

The 7-day Snapshot! 
One of the main points I took out of last week stemmed from a conversation I had with Tom. On Saturday evening I was feeling annoyed I didn’t push it harder in the XC and that this week it had felt like I had only really done one, be it punchy, session. I proposed to Tom that I mix in some steadier running into the long run for Sunday. His response was in ‘We don’t need huge amounts of intensity to get a good response, and your body doesn't know about a week, I would prefer you to get a good session on tuesday’.  This is so true and I am particularly guilty of just taking a very narrow 7-day perspective when it comes to my training. 
I am trying to step away from this short term perspective and try and step back to understand the greater picture and how it fits together. Having the opportunity to work with one of the top coaches in the UK has helped me understand this concept as it is so valuable knowing that Tom is able to step back and not only understand how the puzzle fits together but construct the puzzle so that it meets the demands and challenges in my training. 
In London it is very easy to compare yourself to all the other top class runners and think to yourself that your not working hard enough. You compare the number of sessions they did to your week and in-fact this emphasizes that point of not just taking a 7-day snapshot of someones training to try and measure how you shape up against them but rather you need to trust in your process and the direction you want to go. 
There is no racing for the next 19-days so it will be good to really get in some quality sessions ticked off. I am heading to St. Mary's University this week to get some lab tests done as this will help us understand training zones but also where I am currently at within my training cycle and where I need to improve.
This Weeks Focus
This weeks focus is to really dial in recovery, with the aim of doing 20x1min on Tuesday, lab on Thursday and hills on Saturday to get the most off these sessions I will need to make the most of the 42hrs between them all. This means really taking the easy runs easy but also focus on my diet and eating habits. I am going to try and take on more protein this week to help repair the muscles as efficiently as possible. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week and training is going well!

Over and out,



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