Weekly Cool Down #10

Weekly Cool Down
Weekly Cool Down - #10
Morning Everyone!

Firstly, I know there were some issues with some of my send outs landing in peoples spam folder specifically gmail accounts. You might need to mark as not as spam for future issues to land in inbox. 
I hope everyone has had a good start to the week and you haven't had your upcoming races cancelled. I know that precautions have to be put in place and Race directors need to make sure all insurance parties sign the race off but I do think it is ridiculous that they are cancelling all these race. Don’t get me wrong, us runners do tend to have weaker or depleted immune systems and are therefore probably more susceptible to the virus but surely if you are carrying WuFlu you are not going to be lining up to run 13.1miles or even 26.2miles. I just really hope the wingsuiting championships is not cancelled as it is being held in Italy this year.
Fortunately, I do not have WuFlu but I did find out some critical weaknesses in my bio mechanics this week. I have started working with a new physio, Manni who has been on my radar for the last 12-months. It is brilliant to work with someone that knows exactly what I am putting my body through every day, as Manni is a quality runner and is training for the London marathon. I am going to be diligent when it comes to catching up with Manni as I am at a stage in my life that my body recovers pretty well but having the chance to work and be educated by Manni will ensure I am equipped with the knowledge to understand weaknesses and imbalances in the body before they escalate into injuries. I would highly advise seeing a physio before you get injured so they know how your body moves and feels before it is injured. 
As mentioned I have been diligent with my core but I have probably been trying to do too many movements in these exercises. Manni, worked on my technique and my god I have not been doing them correctly as he was making me do small movements but my god it was tough. One of the key take away's I got from Manni was that with these strengthening exercises, is that less is more. 
This week I got to do one of my favourite types of workout, fartlek, not only does it get me in good shape but I believe I enjoy it because it reminds me of the days I spent playing Rugby, Lacrosse, and even swimming. The workout is made up of varying speeds which reflects the nature of these sports. I would really recommend any athlete that comes from a background of such sports listed above or hockey, football (soccer), ice hockey, or even squash to have a go at this type of workout as it will play to their strengths as the residual fitness and format from such sports will replicate such a workout. I now want to call out the two individuals I would like to see do this type of workout as I was thinking about them after I did my Fartlek on Saturday. Bobby Weaver & Angus Sandison. 
Bobby, for the reason that I do think Lacrosse is the most dynamic sport out there and is pretty much a massive fartlek workout. You have bursts of high intensity followed by periods of easy and or threshold running. Bobby and the rest of the Weaver family got myself and brothers into lacrosse after moving to the US, as a replacement to rugby. I always laugh as I never really had the skills but I did have an engine and the 'wheels' to make it look like I was doing a lot, but really I was just running around. It is a fantastic sport to not only play but to watch as it is one off if not the fastest sports out there along with being very physical. For those of you that don’t know Bobby - he is an incredibly talented lacrosse player, he played at Princeton University which is a team that are always in the top 5 colleges in the US every year. 
Angus, yes - I still believe he is the runner of the family even if Rory and I host faster marathon times and own more segments needless to say he is a top hockey player and ever since the age of 13 he has carried on playing. As he is still playing out in Singapore I do think he would be able to do a fartlek workout without collapsing because of heat exhaustion. At least with this workout you dont need to be in a squat when you are completing it compared to when you are dribbling with the hockey ball.   
No pressure at all on both to do a work out like 3*(3min-2min-1min) (90sec easy running) - but if you are thinking of a session to do this week, this might suite you both. But the same goes to those Rugby players, Football fans, but maybe not golfers unless you are playing zulu golf. 
Blood tests, come back this afternoon so I am interested to see what is shown, and will fully disclose and mention the results next week. 
What the week looked like:
Monday:AM: 7.7miles@ 7:13/m / PM: 7.2miles @7:12/m
Tuesday:  AM: 8.4miles@7:20/m / PM: 7.2miles @ 7:15/m
Wednesday: AM: Swim 2000 + 4miles@7:05/m / PM: 7.2miles@6:05/m (5m,4,3,2,1)avg 5:10/m
Thursday:  AM:8miles @6:54/m / PM:7miles @6:44/m
Friday:AM: 6.2@6:57/m / PM: 6miles@7:20/m
Saturday: AM: WU: 2m - 3*(3min,2,1) (90”) - WD 3miles - 10miles@6:08/m / PM: 4.4mile@7:12/m+strength 
Sunday:    AM: 12miles@6:22/m / PM: Swim 2000m
Total: 97miles - 11hours ON THE DOT
I hope you all have a great week. 


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