Weekly Cool Down #11

Weekly Cool Down
The new training ground. An unfinished Golf Course in Fife
Weekly Cool Down - #11

Morning Everyone!
Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe. Sorry for not posting last week it ended up being pretty manic as well as working over the weekend so I had little time to write up. 
The last 14-days have been pretty surreal. The vast majority of the news has been filled with apprehension, anxiety and uncertainty, which is expected but as an optimistic realist I do want to use this platform to share a positive outlook on this situation and the new way of life we are working in. 
This virus does put everything into perspective whether it be on the larger scale and us bickering about BREXIT for the last 3-years or on the individual level with us worrying about upcoming workouts & races. In times like these you have the opportunity to step back and appreciate the simpler things in life. Once we get through this I am certain this will alter many aspects of our lives for the good. Whether it be more investment into better wifi so we don't have to spend countless hours commuting or even on the smaller level of being more excited to get back racing and appreciate our training groups more than ever. 
With the roll out of social distancing, and as of last night lock down, it has meant that I have had more time to run on my own and entertain my own thoughts, I have not being doing hard session as I do not want to weaken the immune system at this time.

 We all have to accept the situation as we have all been dealt the same hand however it is for us to decide how we play it. 
As runners we ultimately set races as our primary goal and then state that this is the driving force that gets us out the door, day after day. This is just not the case and if anything COVID-19 has showcased that over the last few weeks. As races are cancelled you still find that people are more than ever still motivated to get out and run. This just goes to show that races don’t define us as runners and in fact, no one really cares that much about races anyway. Yes, its good to go head to head against your rivals, and challenge yourself but there is much more to running than that. Racing is the cherry on top and if anything this crisis has just gone and shown me that as even with no races we still have the drive to get out the door into the fresh air. I can’t think of a single run when I have left the door and come back to regretted it. 
With this in mind use this opportunity to really challenge yourself in new ways. For example, my blood results came back last week and yes they did shock me as some of the blood markers were critically low, in particular Ferritin (Iron) 17ug/L (normal level 100-300ug/L) & Testosteron 5.2nmol/L (normal 10-25nmol/L). These indicatore do help explain as to  why I have been feeling so crap in my sessions and races as of late and this has resulted to my body shutting down and preserving itself so that I am over-trained. The challenge for me over the coming period is to balance these out and really get on top of the nutritional aspects of my life. Once these have balanced out I am certain this will shed a new light on my training and really help me take that next step. I also see this as an opportunity to work on my strength and conditioning as I led the indoor lunch gym session with my Mum and a pushup challenge with Rory.
In these unprecedented times its a great opportunity to step back and reflect as it does help put everything in perspective. So why not pick up a new challenge be it strength training, yoga, drills or even use this time to relax and recharge the batteries and enjoy time with your family.
What the week looked like:
Monday:AM: 7@ 7:05/m / PM: 5miles @7:00/m
Tuesday:  AM: 8miles @ 7:00/m PM: BIke 1hr - easy 
Wednesday: AM: 8miles @6:40/m
Thursday:  AM: 7miles @7:00 PM: 5miles @7:05/m
Friday: AM: 6.4miles @ 7:11/m
Saturday: AM: 9miles @ 7:04/m PM: 1hr cycle 
Sunday: 9miles @ 6:52/m
Total: 65miles - 7hours 38minutes (bike: 2:00)
I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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