Weekly Cool Down #12

Weekly Cool Down
This mornings run featured myself and a couple open water swimmers 
Weekly Cool Down - #12
Morning All,
I hope everyone is well and to cite what seems to be the line of 2020 - ‘I hope you're keeping safe’. Well that is week one off lockdown ticked off - some of the highlights that have come out of the Sandison household in the East Neuk of Fife have been, Jamie’s Table Tennis game needs to improve otherwise he is at risk of being relegated from Rory and my league however his cycling game has picked up. To keep mum preoccupied and distract her from our antics we got her three hens for mothers day. To quote Rory and the Telegraph ‘Chickens are not just for lockdown they are for life’ so she is in it for the long run, even if the chickens don't like her. Rory and I are on a feeble 27 press-ups for the day and they aren't getting any easier. Oh and every day seems like a victory so we have been drinking a lot more beer and wine, this has resulted in us purchasing a keg of Brown Ale from the pub across the bridge.  
I am quite lucky being able to escape to this part of the world as it is naturally pretty isolated but also what has come into its own over the last week is the new golf course they are building just under 2miles away. 12 months ago this was unused farmland and sand dunes but with some amazing landscaping they have turned this into what looks like an incredible golf course, looking forward to a round on it here is the link for all those interested in golf https://www.dumbarnielinks.com/. There is a dirt track that runs through the middle of the course which is just over a mile long with a number of short but sharp undulations. It is ideal as it does mean i'm not pounding my legs against pavement on every run, and it is an undisturbed route where you can go out and back countless times without seeing a sole. As I read this back it does make it sound like the most perfect place to run but I will remind you that this is Scotland and yes we have been lucky with the weather but you still face a cold headwind for over half your run. You might not get a sweat on but you lose as much fluid through your eyes streaming instead. 
To get to this gem of a track I have to run up to a disused railway line which is a grassy path that runs parallel to the seafront. Before the lockdown I would put money on that I wouldn’t see anyone on this path,but since the lockdown and us being rationed to one exercise token/day it has turned this path into the bloody M3. Now don’t get me wrong this is no bad thing and in fact it is actually fantastic to see people getting out there jogging. 
I still believe this is the greatest and most effective mass participation initiative rolled out by the UK Government to get people active, reverse psychology. Tell the people they can only have one piece of exercise a day and it results in a massive fitness craze both in and outdoor, whether it be blooming Joe Wicks all over the news, and Peloton shares out performing the market or a notification on your phone saying - Facebook friend ‘........ just joined Strava. View their profile’ this seems to be a daily occurrence now. I know my small railway path phenomenon has nothing on the same extent as my normal Thames Path route in London, and I am sure the Hudson River Greenway in NYC is even more packed. However with a lot more time on my hands I thought I would look into this abnormality taking place, even in the sleepy seaside village of Lower Largo.
To kick things off here is a small bit off Strava analysis to quantify this phenomenon. My Dad created a segment a couple of years ago which is from the start of the Railway Path to the pub (0.47mile). Since its inception, 250 people have passed over it but this year only 30 people have had a crack at the segment. 50% of the people that have run it this year have run it in the last 7-days. On a completely different scale I looked up the segment I normally run over that goes between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge, on the south side a go to joggers favourite. This segment alone had a strong 917 people go over it in the past 7-day, this doesn't surprise me to much given Fulham Park run can swell to 800+ people but that being said this strava number is obviously not taking into account the dog walkers, those running not on strava or sharing their activity so when you factor that on top this is quite a considerable amount. 
Via observational analysis (i.e.having my WFH desk look out the windy), experiential exploration (i.e. using my exercise token to get out running and looking out for folk) and the ever reliable strava data my findings indicated that peak activity was reached on Wednesday (day 3 of lockdown). Since day three there has been a severe drop in the number of joggers, dog walkers and pram pushers. As the weather has remained consistent I can draw a hypothesis from this small sample (the small village of Lower Largo) since day three people (and their dogs & babies) enthusiasm and determination has subsided. Future analysis will need to be taken to investigate if the drop off is in fact down to the ‘cannae give a F@#!’ attitude or what I suspect individuals have picked up an injury after going from zero miles to 10 miles at threshold straight of the bat. I will be interested to hear if this is also the case for other areas like London’s Thames path. In turn this has meant that I have only seen one other person on the path on both Saturday & Sunday which are normally the busiest days for the path. 
Either way it is lovely to be up here and I have been enjoying following people on Strava recently. 

Bring on week 2!
What the week looked like:
Monday: AM: 7@ 7:00/m / PM: 3.4miles @6:53/m + Gym (20PressUps)
Tuesday: 8miles @ 6:55/m + GYM (21PUs)
Wednesday: 13miles @6:40/m + Core (22PUs)
Thursday:10miles(+strides) @ 6:45/m (23PUs)
Friday: 10miles @ 6:40/m + GYM (24PUs)
Saturday: 8miles (4*1mile @5:28/m) - 6:00/m + Gym (25PUs)
Sunday: 13miles @ 6:39/m
Total: 74miles - 8hours 15minutes
I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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