Weekly Cool Down #13

Weekly Cool Down
Finishing off this mornings run making a rare seal spotting
Weekly Cool Down - #13

Morning Everyone!
I hope everyone is keeping well and healthy. I know there are a couple of doctors and nurses that read this so before I jump into this week's write up,  I just want to say a massive thank you for tirelessly fighting this pandemic and helping as many people as you can, as well as their families who go through this stressful period. Thank you!
So what have I been thinking about this week?
To be perfectly honest ….. ‘Not that much’
Whether that is down to not running with people anymore or just not being too worried about sessions or races - either way I am enjoying just letting the legs tick over. 
As I find myself jumping over that final cow gate into the golf course day in day out my mind happily drifts off and I focus on some really simple aspects of running like how my foot is landing on the rubble track. I know this sounds really mundame and it is pretty damn dull but as every run has been on my own I am definitely more focused on the simple aspects of running and being in tune with my body and I am happy to focus on this for an hour & half. I know this is boring and I mean my life at the moment is pretty dull but it has made me appreciate the smaller aspects of running and life beyond this. 
Over the last 18 days I have covered 185 miles on the same route starting which takes in the railway followed by the rubble track yo-yoing between east and west gates before hopping back on the railway to get back home. Now I don't think I have ever stuck to the same route like this before as I am normally spoilt for choice in London. I have my working weekday routes which take in the iconic London Landmarks as I commute or the infamous, and much missed, lunch run along the canal. Then I have my weekend routes which head away from the city along the Thames path and dipping into Richmond park. Fortunately most of these runs end up being sociable and it is most likely that I am dropping Andy Greenleaf a message along the lines of ‘planning on running into work at…’ or Andy letting me know what session he is fitting into his weekend as he might only have 51minutes or more recently when I took him away from Anna to run via Richmond Park on a horrid wintry morning when everything was covered in frost. 
Now I can not wait for this aspect of running to return and try hold onto the back of likes of the canal group but what I have appreciated over this 185miles or 20hours of running is really just letting my mind relax and just allowing myself time to think about the simple aspects of running whether it be the way my foot lands or how I am breathing.
I was really happy with the way this week went as I listened to my body and decided to take a day off, which sounds ridiculous but the temptation to get out is increased nowadays as you can be easily cooked up inside all day.  I woke up on Friday with the intention to do a session that morning but thought to myself my body would appreciate pushing back the session by one day. In hindsight this was the right decision as I was really pleased with the way the session went. I also felt like I could have given more at the end of it. It is these decisions that will help me the most going forward.  
I have touched on it in previous letters but I guess the point that I am trying to make here is by taking away the pressure of racing and fitting sessions around the London working lifestyle  has allowed me to relax and not be anxious about my running or how I am performing but really just enjoy it for what it is and I will aim to carry this forward even when racing is back on the cards
What the week looked like:
Monday:  9miles @ 7:05/m + Gym (27PressUps)
Tuesday: 10miles @ 6:49/m + GYM (28PUs)
Wednesday: 13miles @6:44/m + Core (29PUs)
Friday: 11miles @ 6:45/m + GYM (31PUs)
Saturday: 10miles (6*90’ +6*60’ +6*30’) avg. 5:05 for the ON 50’ off (32PUs)
Sunday: 16miles @ 6:43/m(33 PUs)
Total: 70miles - 7hours 41minutes
I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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