Weekly Cool Down #14

Weekly Cool Down
Favourite part of my running route at the highest point overlooking Dumbarnie Links! 
Weekly Cool Down - #14

Morning Everyone,
I hope everyone is keeping well and your families and loved ones are keep safe. The past 7-days have been rather entertaining with J-mans TT game stepping up (relatively ;)) and we believe there is a strong correlation to how much IPA he drinks over the week and his game getting better. Mum cranking out 2 hour walks and really getting into the Tiger King (not). Thankful Rory's guitar playing has been a little quieter. Things have been rising up, mum's chickens have not started laying but rather jumping up and land on 4.5ft walls to start doing parkour, my sourdough has been rising up to finally resemble some sort of loaf. What hasn't risen up is my hair, to mums dismay, I have overcome a traumatic experience that took place over 13 years ago with my Dad and Rory helped me take this leap off faith to shave my head. I actually quite like it if not just for the aero-gains. My brothers and I + J-man (for cycling;) hold the ownership of most of the Strava segments around the small town of lower largo we have subsequently found out that a lot of the locals do not like this and don't believe we belong here so have taken action into their own noisy hands to ship us off.

I have been rather keen to have a crack at a virtual 5k and after bouncing the idea off Tom he quite rightly suggested putting it in the calendar just a few weeks down the line instead. This gives me a couple weeks to get the legs turning over nicely. 
The aim of this week was just to just keep enjoying my running and not put any amount of pressure on myself both while running and beyond. I have recently been reading a book titled  ‘Today we die a little’ which is a biography of Emilo Zatopek and I know a lot of you would have heard of Zatopek and probably read the book but if you haven’t he is probably, in my view, the most impressive Olympian that has ever lived even more so when you measure up what he did in the context he did it in. This is a rather bold claim but the more I read and find out about him the less I see him as just another runner/sporting figure but as an icon someone larger than the sport he competed in. I would quite rightly so put him in the same league as Jordan, Ali, and Lumo. Once again athletics and distance running flys under the radar as the large media outlets fail to lend resources to uncover such stores of individuals within the athletics community and when you compare how much literature is out there that documents the likes of other icons within the sporting world there really not much around Zatopek - this is a topic for later discussion. 
 If you have not already read this book I would highly recommend it as goes way beyond running, shedding light on the geopolitical turmoil that took place at the time Zatopek was ripping 40x400m in army boots followed by which he was expelled from the Army and condemned to years of degrading manual labour away from his wife. I do not think there is a more apt book to read at this time that puts our current situation in perspective. 
Reading about such sessions has made me interested in  looking back at what sort of sessions other icons of the sport did as Zatopek loved to turn over countless 400m reps on a daily basis. I was therefore quite excited when Tom suggested I crack on with a Mona Fartletk session. From what I have heard, from the inside running podcast, this is a common session down in Australia.  It is named after Australian distance runner Steve Moneghetti, and the session goes like 2x90seconds, 4x60sec, 4x30sec, 4x15sec with the recovery at the equivalent time of the effort. You can vary up the intensity of the recovery depending on what you want out of the session but we decided to keep it honest and run the recoveries at a steady pace. I was not too bothered with the pace as it was once again on the undulating path with a strong breeze but it was nice to wear the first vest of the season. The session was harder than expected but it was 20 minutes of good honest hard work averaging 5:01/m for the ON / 6:15/m for the OFF. A couple more sessions like that will put me in a good place before cracking on with a 5k. This coming week I am going to focus on including more strides to and drills at the end of my run as I have not been paying enough attention to these specifics as I do think strides deliver a greater bang for the buck when you want to get quicker. It is obviously something Zatopek worked on even as he focused on the marathon as you still need that leg turnover and efficiency - the beach 10x100m calls.

What the week looked like:
Monday:  9miles @ 6:51/m + Gym (34PressUps)
Tuesday: 9miles @ 6:46/m + GYM (35PUs)
Wednesday: 13miles @6:41/m + Core (36PUs)
Thursday: 9miles @6:52/m 
Friday: 10miles @ 6:40/m + GYM (38PUs)
Saturday: 8miles 2x90”,4x60”, 4x30”, 4x15” 5:01/m / 6:15/m (39PUs)
Sunday: 14miles @ 6:37/m(40 PUs)
Total: 72miles - 8hours 4minutes
I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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