Weekly Cool Down #15

Weekly Cool Down
Just another stunning day in Fife! 
Weekly Cool Down - #15

Morning Everyone!
I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. 
Another 7-days have passed and life on the Fife coast continues to tick along with Sourdough making, non laying chickens roaming the back garden, Keg 3.0 tapped, Angus sending pasta makers and joining yoga classes and Roys Razors in full swing trimming both J-mans hair and the chickens. This week did include a nice chat, from a distance, with Vanessa and Fiona as they passed on their bikes, on a rather impressive ride, it was also really nice to talk to someone face to face that does not have the last name of Sandison. 
On this day in 2019, 7-days out from the London marathon, I finished up my final medium long run of 13 miles, I remember feeling in fantastic shape as I was ticking off 6 minute miles around the Old Course, St Andrews at a fairly low heart rate. Following this run a niggle arose in my Achilles and as many of you know this niggle escalated into full blown Achilles tendinopathy, which put me out of running for a considerable amount of time. From first noticing this niggle to it finally not bothering me on my runs it was the best part of 5-months. 
I don’t want to bore anyone about my S&C regime and I know I have mentioned the importance of seeking out physiotherapy but as it is a year on from me noticing this niggle that snowballed out of control I thought I would mention my new isolation hobby of Yoga as I do think it will definitely help my running running and is something I will look to continue beyond the lockdown. It is all well being able to head out the door and run 13 miles just off the bat but it's no good if you are full of niggles later on and can't walk properly because your hips or hamstrings are as stiff as a rod.
It is still early days in my yoga career but even after just a couple of classes I am definitely more aware of imbalances within my body. Even just after a couple of lessons my body is already feeling significantly better and I might not be as fit as I was this time last year though I am defiantly a better athlete and a stronger runner. I must thank Toto Lambert (@totolynourished) for these classes she is putting on, though she does make it look way too easy as she moves from one position to another. 
The Yoga clearly highlights where these imbalances are and also allows you to work on them but also on days when I don’t do the classes I can continue to work on these areas before a niggle spirals out of control again. It is also rather refreshing to start something new that is very challenging but that being said there are so many overlaps between the two disciplines of running and yoga, from mobility, balance, breathing and finally patience. 
I do encourage anyone to get involved as it is a great time to test your body with something new.  As runners we do understand the idea of patience, so don't expect to do one class and think that is everything solved, it’s worth keeping it going. One final note would be to thank Toto for the introduction to yoga and I would definitely suggest getting involved. She was meant to be running the London Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK but instead she is running these classes until the 26th of this month and you can join and donate. She is a qualified yoga teacher and also runs so totally understands what we put our bodies through day in day out. Here is her website and Instagram so definitely worth tuning into her classes this week.
What the week looked like:
Monday:  9miles @ 6:57/m + Core
Tuesday: 10miles+(10*strides) @ 6:51/m + GYM
Wednesday: 13miles @6:51/m + Core 
Thursday: 4miles @7:05/m + 30mins Yoga
Friday: 10miles + (7*hill strides) @ 6:51/m + GYM 
Saturday: AM: 9miles Fartlek @ 6:03/m / PM: 4miles @ 6:44/m + 1hr Yoga
Sunday: 12miles @ 6:46/m
Total: 72miles - 8hours 4minutes - 2100ft

I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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