Weekly Cool Down #16

Weekly Cool Down
Easy grass loops 
Weekly Cool Down - #16

Morning Everyone!
I hope you are all keeping well. 
A small pretext as a am sorry for the rather preachy write up this week. I could have written a shoe review about the Nike Zoom Fly 3 or a training session but this letter is based off what has been on my mind while running over the past 7-days and I thought it would be good to shed light on what has been a challenging 7 days to make sure I provide a full account for the ups and downs life has to offer and to be honest with you all. Running & sport, once again provides an answer to life's questions. 
On Thursday I was told, by work, that I was to be placed on furlough. My initial thoughts were ones of uncertainty, anxiety and worry and this lent itself to me forming a belief that I was going to be let go and I was expendable to the company. 
Having had time to reflect as well as talking to friends and family, it has helped me deal with such beliefs, so thank you. Over the past two months I have been working closely with Renee Mcgregor on such self-beliefs as we look in my nutrition, and this has helped me overcome the most recent challenges that have cropped up in my life. Running has highlighted the importance of only taking onboard the information that will better your performance and look for the evidence that supports such notions to assist you as you reach your ultimate goal. 
Before heading out on my Sunday long run I tuned into one of my favorite podcasts, ‘don’t tell me the score’ hosted by Siomon Mundie. The whole premise of the show is around talking to experts and using sport as a metaphor for life to help overcome challenges in the world today, very prominent within today's context.
I do not want to spoil the show for anyone however the theme is all about ‘clarity’ and the interviewee’s, Ben Hunt-Davis, famous question ‘will it make the boat go faster’. They mention beliefs and differentiating fact from interpretation. As well as calling out the idea that a lot of us within our careers are too reactive and not focused on the larger goal at hand when making decisions on a daily basis as you lose sight of your ultimate goals. 
What running has taught me is that you should have this ‘ultimate goal’ and every decision you make should help you take a step closer to such goal. Coming out of university you are not always certain on what you want to do with our career and I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to find a job as quickly as possible. I was very fortunate to find a career that I have very much enjoyed and got to work and learn from some brilliant people. Since starting my career I have not had the opportunity to have a decent amount of time off to really step back and take stock around what is it that drives me and what I want to get out of my career, so already this could be a positive and something I can use this time for. 
My running had highlighted the importance of collecting clear evidence to support your beliefs. In the podcast Ben provided an example of how the Olympic Rowing 8 in 2000 were written off not to win the gold as the team had not won since Stockholm in 1912, definitely worth a watch the commentary is brilliant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo12muzAHKk. From 4 years out they had this ultimate goal and used a ‘bullshit filter’ to defuse the commentary and interpretations that did not help them reach this goal. The same goes for running and life in general, you need to take onboard the information that will make you a better runner and look for evidence that disproves these notions and interpretations that don’t help you reach that gold. It is easy for me to have an ultimate goal in running as there is evidence in people’s beliefs that I have the potential to reach my ultimate goal of racing for Scotland. It seems miles off but it’s an ultimate goal that can help me when it comes to making day to day decisions and use Ben Hunt-Davis question when making such decisions, will it make me go faster? 
This perspective is applicable to any aspect of life and especially in your professional career. To have this time to step back and think about what is it that drives me and what I want to get out of my career, could be a real positive. The business has made a decision and now I have the opportunity to take stock and set some clarity around where my interests lie and have more clarity. I do not enjoy using this saying as I do think it is flung around left, right and centre but it seem prominent at this time - ‘control the controllable’ and I am defiantly going to remind myself of this over the coming weeks.  
If you have a spare moment it is defiantly worth a listen - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p089n7q1
What the week looked like:
Monday: 9.5miles @ 6:56/m + 10*hill strides
Tuesday: AM: 9miles -  15*(45” ON/ 75” OFF) @ 6:07/m / PM: 4.2miles @ 6:41/m (hilly)
Wednesday: AM: 12miles @6:35/m + Core 
Thursday:AM: 10miles @6:48 +8*hill strides PM: Bike 17miles @18mph
Friday: AM: 8miles @ 7:22/m / PM: Bike  20miles @17.5mph + Yoga
Saturday: AM: 9miles - 8mins, 1*(5,4,3,2,1,1) (90”off) - session 5:38/m / PM: 4miles @7:22/mm + 1 Yoga
Sunday: 13miles @ 6:55/m + Core & Gym

Total: 80miles (37miles bike) - 9 hours - 2,200ft
I hope you all keep safe and keep smiling!


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