Weekly Cool Down #17

Weekly Cool Down
Another one of Dumbarnie Links - 10*150m (running the bend) 
Weekly Cool Down - #17
Morning Everyone!
I hope you are keeping well and not too stir crazy. All is alright on this side of the screen, I throw myself at  training last week and ticked off two sessions that I was happy with and then kept the running easy for the remainder of the week, even though my HR would say otherwise, I think the battery needs a swap out. 
This week I tried a session that I have never done before and on paper it looked rather light and easy but I was blooming knackered after it. Having joined the athletics scene later in life via triathlon I feel I have missed out on the traditional route most athletes take when stepping into longer distance stuff. It is obvious that there is a focus on short faster sessions in youth athletics, and I never really had a shot at focusing on this, not that I ever really had a strong 100m or 200m time but I have missed out on working on that max speed stuff that is aimed towards 800 or 1500 running. This was evident back in December while having a crack at the mile as I had never really done this but thoroughly enjoyed it. Though it was apparent that I have no kick as I was left in the dust over the final 250m of the mile as Alex Davy and Andy Greenleaf pulled away, next year boys.   
The session Tom had me do was 10*150m (1st 50m @ 1500m/stride, 2nd 50m @800m pace, 3rd 50m @ as Fast as possible) this was all split up with a minimum of 2 minutes rest  - which we jogged back to the start. I roped Rory into coming along for this session as it massively helps having someone to pace off. I had the intention to do these on the grass but we were quickly told to shift on by the golf course groundskeeper, and instead we jumped on the dirt track.  
I would really recommend this session as most of us are always focused on the longer stuff. It gave us the opportunity to focus on our running form and economy as I definitely concentrated on driving through my calf, keeping my head up and really getting up on my toes so that I was light on my feet and not over-striding. It really helped just working through the gears and trying to out-kick Rory on each 50, I want to say I had him on toast over the final 50 but the boy matched me stride for stride. Will need another Chariot of Fire St. Andrews 100m race - barefoot -with Angus next time he is back. I was very surprised how much this took out of me as this intensity was completely foreign to me and I definitely felt exhausted that afternoon. I am defiantly going to do more of this going forward.   
I have been spending more time going inland which means doing a lot more hill running. On Sunday I did 15 miles at an easy effort but it was hilly and in fact it’s just one long 45 minute climb straight of the bat, you go from sea-level to 700ft (213m) in around 5miles. I finished the run and within 15 minutes my glute and hip had seized up. I have since then had a catch up with my man Manni - he believes it's just stiffness caused from a tight lat and hamstrings and shouldn't be hard to address. He set me some stretches to crack on with but I do think this is a good time to sort this out and have some rest as I have had a solid 9-weeks of building and therefore would be good to step back and take the foot off the accelerator and not aggravate this niggle. 
What the week looked like:
Monday:  6.3miles @ 7:10/m 
Tuesday: 10miles @ 7:06/m + 6*hill strides + Yoga 
Wednesday: WU -2miles - 20*1min ON (5:05/m)/1min OFF(6:05) for 7miles - CD 1mile
Thursday:14miles @ 7:02/m (hilly) + Yoga
Friday: 7miles @ 7:24/m / PM: 7miles @ 7:12/m
Saturday: WU - 2.6miles - 10*150m (50,50,50) (2:00) - WD 2.5miles
Sunday: 15miles @ 7:05/m
Total: 77miles - 9hours - 3,300ft
I hope you all keep safe! 


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