Weekly Cool Down #18

Weekly Cool Down
With time of running its time to start lobstering! 
Weekly Cool Down - #18

Morning Everyone!
Yet another week of this crappy situation passes on by and we now have to 'stay alert' - whatever the heck that means. I don't want to use this letter as a political rant nor lend any more conversation around this virus and the UK response but personally I believe this just needs to end. It should now be down to the individuals discretion and if you feel you are at risk then stay home but otherwise lets open up business's and get things going again.

Back to running or lack off....what I initially thought was a niggle has turned into an injury and put me off running for a few days over the past week. Working with my physio Manni, we worked out that the symptoms show an issue with the piriformis muscle which helps with hip stability and pushing off the leg. It is a tricky one, because if the muscle is irritated it can impact the sciatic nerve and cause pain down the hamstring which in turn causes the muscles around it to stiffen up. If any of you have had experience off this, I would love to hear from you and find out  how you managed it?

I am rubbish at being injured and is a big blow at this time as I was really motivated and felt my running was going in the right direction. I do miss not going out in the mornings but I guess the positives are that I am not missing out on any races and this injury should pass and give my body time to rest.  The R&R will help will make me more motivated as I start to build towards Chicago. In the mean time I am keen to get out on the bike more an expedition in June might be on the cards
All the best, 


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