Weekly Cool Down #19

Weekly Cool Down
St. Andrews Park Run record holder, fastest Dunfermline Amazon packer, and 20 year old after his 4:51 Mile   
Weekly Cool Down - #19

Morning Everyone,

I thought I would dive straight into what I have been reading, watching and supporting.

Reading & Listening: 
- Little Bets - recommended by friend and reader, Bobby Weaver - The book showcases parallels between differing industries and individuals that have been at the top of their field to illustrate how little ideas lead to big discoveries, it is very interesting as you can apply any aspects of it to day to day life - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Bets-breakthrough-emerge-discoveries/dp/1847940498

- Tartan Running Shorts -  I have just started listening to this podcast. It does have a Scottish focus but as Scottish running is in a very healthy state they have some fantastic interviewees. The top episodes I have recently listened to are the Hawkins Brothers being coached by Steve Jones, Clapham Chaser Steph Davies and her world class progression and then Chris O'hare and his move to the US and why the US Collegiate system is so beneficial to young athletes in the UK.  https://open.spotify.com/show/0OII1P9ie2BeXspCvaPk22

-  As much as the World Champs in DOHA were branded as a diaster - I am defiently missing them now. I dont think I appricated at the time how fantastic this race was but defiantly worth watching if you need to spend some more time on youtube. Call me a sceptic but for Cheruiyot to leave behind all those world class athletes from the gun and cruise across the line 2 seconds ahead of everyone else has to raise some eyebrows - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQcTd4xZ44o 

- Netflix - The Final Dance - Michael Jordan - You don't need to be a basketball fan to get into this but it is fascinating to learn more about this legend of the game -  What a competitor but also he comes across in the documentary as a brilliant sporting advocate and for someone that was on top of the world comes across as very ground. There are a number of parallels between this documentary and the book Little bets.

- I have been enjoying watching Rory, my current bunk roommate go head to head with his Uni mate, Sam Jinks, across difference distances. Rory, is defiantly putting in a shift before he turns 21 on Friday. This past week he had a crack at the mile, as I hopped on the bike to follow along. Having not run a mile in a long time he clocked an impressive 4:51 but I would not put it past him shaving of a solid 15" off that. He obliviously wants to hold the longest ever 1st place streak at St. Andrews park run as he won the last park run back on 14th March. 
-  Reader and more importantly GB athlete and 1500m World Championship finalist, Josh Kerr (ft in youtube video above) believes he could hold off the Scottish Talent of Andy Murray and Stuart Hogg over the 200m. It would be fantastic to watch this unfold. My prediction would be that Stuart would smoke them all over the 100 but I could see Josh and Andy coming through over the last 50m. Who would your favourite cross sport match up be? 

Please do send me any reading, listening, watching or following suggestions.

All the best, 


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