Weekly Cool Down #20

Weekly Cool Down
Getting back to it
Weekly Cool Down - #20

Morning Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.

Lockdown haircuts are one thing but getting your mum to step up to be your physio is another. Having been a bit of a pain in the arse over the last few weeks, Mum got to seek revenge and use her elbow to loosen up the muscles around the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. My lower back and pelvis are all locked up, and she was tasked with sorting me out, FYI she trained as a Lawyer not a Physio or a masseuse. It has significantly helped with my range of motion and I was able to get back to running on Thursday. I am still feeling pretty swore but it should ease up with a bit of flatter running, elbow action and keeping the back mobile.

It was good to get  back running even if I wasn't moving that well, it will be back to the golf course loop as that seems to be the flattest route around here. Got to join Rory on a golf course loop for his 21st birthday before the beers and lobster which was good crack. On Friday I am not sure which was worse the 50mph wind or Mum's hangover, jokes sorry mum. Dad and I made the call that we would just do a A to B route so that we didn't have to deal with the wind, I know its weak though we did not fancy getting sand whipped into our eyes.

I did a second round off blood tests last week and the results were positive. I did the first round on the 9th March right after the Big Half it showed really low levels of Iron, Haemoglobin & Ferrtin and this has had an affect in how i felt in and out of training. Since then I have been working with Renee McGregor and also stepped away from being Vegetarian. The most recent results showed an improvement in my Iron, Ferritin, and LH values and just in general I have been feeling a hell off a lot better when running or cycling as well as beyond exercise and I have been sleeping a lot better. What has also helped is just getting some fuel in and running later in the day. For the amount I am exercising as well as not really having the time when I am in London to focus on if I am getting enough nutrients/iron you can quite easily become deficient if you are training twice a day and lead a vegetarian lifestyle. There are a few other blood markers that I need to get in balance but it is a process and will get there.

This past week saw me come out of cycling retirement. I think cycling in London / Richmond Park has lead to my loss of interest in spending more than an hour on the bike. I have forgotten how much a loved getting out on the bike and just the sheer benefit of doing aerobic exercise for 2hr and not feel totally smashed to pieces like after a 2hr run. I hope to pick up my road bike next week and Tom and I are going to start incorporating it into my training scheduled over this period.

Nothing ground breaking coming up this week. I hope to start building back up the running mileage and keeping on top of this lower back and hip issue but also get a couple rides in.

What this week looked like: 
Thursday: 6.2miles @ 7:30/mi
Friday: 6.2miles @ 7:32/m
Saturday: 7.2miles @ 7:15/m
Sunday: AM: 30mile bike 1:45 PM: 4mile @ 7:30
Total: 19.6miles + 30mile bike

I hope you have a great week. 


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