Weekly Cool Down #3

Weekly Cool Down
Richmond Park on Sunday Morning! I have to admit I did not take this but it was an incredible morning! Anna G was not happy how long we took so she miss the frost!
Weekly Cool Down - #3
Good Morning! Just settling into the meaty end of this training block. Last week ended up being a pretty progressive week with getting three sessions under my belt. 
I got things rolling at Cottage which featured storm Brendan on Tuesday night. The session was ideal given the conditions, as the groups did not get ripped apart by the wind. It was also great to have Tom up and catch up in person, this also gave him the opportunity to evaluate how I was moving. 16-20*1min (60”,40”,20”) - we had a solid group of 10 that were rolling through smoothly, I felt comfortable working through the shorter recoveries and given I raced on Saturday along with a pretty quick 17miler on Sunday I felt pretty good. After 16*1min I called it an evening, as I did not want to dig myself into a hole as I knew some more session were just around the corner along with my legs were starting to tie up with Saturdays effort still showing. I had got the value of the session by touching the Vo2 end of the spectrum. Threshold Thursday came around in no time, most of the group will be training for VLM and there were the best part of 35people down for the session however we had a smaller group of 7. This was a first tempo session I have done in a while and given the caliper of the runners that were in my group I was very excited for this.  My aim heading into the session was to do between 6-8*1k/0.93k - I went through 4 and started to feel off, with a slight stomach cramp. I ended up doing 6 avg. 5:11/m for the 1km + 5:39/m for the float. I came away feeling a bit down beat about it as i was expecting to be really pushing the final 6&7th rep. 
Perspective and Benchmarking 
Thursday’s session progresses me onto what I had to remind myself following the session along with the conversation I had with the fastest Stewart spelt with an ‘ew’ in Putney. The conversation was around context and I touched on an aspect of this last week in regards us focusing on this 7-day cycle. This week I came away from the workout focusing on one outcome to benchmark whether or not it was a good or bad workout. The one benchmark was if I was able to keep up the speed and push on from the group on the 7th rep but also just keeping up with these guys. This was the one objective leaver I was using to categories whether it was a good or bad workout. In retrospect this is categorically wrong and I do believe as runners, athletes and in our professions we fall short to understand how everything interrelates, and how that one workout/performance fits into not only the micro-moment i.e. the hours leading up to the workout but the week, the season and the years! 
On Thursday evening, I was not only losing sight of the context of that session, be it less than 40hrs since the last session + a 18miles between the two but also benchmarking my performance in the workout to the strong group of accomplished runners around me. It was only once I was talking to Stewart that I released the context within that workout and it was infact positive. Two years ago if you said I would ticked of a session avg. 5:11/m for the 1km and 5:39/m for the floats I would have thought no way. 
I guess the point I am trying to make is that you have to be patient when it comes to evaluating whether the session was good or bad and not benchmark your session against those around you. Don’g get to caught up on the onc objective leaver of whether you went faster or did more reps but understand the context and environment that the workout fell within.
What the week looked like:
Monday: AM: 8miles @ 7:10/m PM: 7miles @ 7:02/m +Gym 
Tuesday: AM: 7miles @ 7:04/m PM: 3miles WU - 16*1min (60s, 40s, 20s) 5miles @5:45 - 3miles WD
Wednesday: 8miles @ 7:00/m + Gym workout
Thursday: AM: 4.5miles @ 7:03/m -shakeout PM: 7miles - 6*1k (@3:14)/0.93k (@3:31) WD-4miles
Friday: AM: 9miles @ 7:06/m  PM:5.8miles + Strides @6:55/m 
Saturday: AM: 9miles - 6mins(@5:00/m) + 10*45”hills + 4*200 PM: Gym workout + Squats and Plyometric
Sunday: 15miles @6:42/m
Total: 95miles -11hours 32minutes  

The week ahead and focus
This coming week Tom has thrown in a few 10k specific sessions to prepare the body for Chichester on the 2nd. This does not fit in with the Cottage session however I am tossing up the idea of running Dulwich Park run. The quickest course in the UK. 
The focus this week in session is to keep the cadence high within the sessions when I got tired on Tuesday, Tom called that my stride length increased but my turnover was less punchy. Short (8”-45”) Hill session will help this in the long term but for the time being I will focus on this aspect during sessions. 
I hope you all have a great week. Over to you! 



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