Weekly Cool Down #22

Weekly Cool Down
Hanging onto Dad's wheel down to into Crail 
Weekly Cool Down - #22

Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all well. Sorry for the delay, I ended up loosing a lot of content yesterday morning that did not save. Very frustrating!

Training took a positive step forward this week. It is nice having the goal to build back to full fitness when there is no rush to get back racing, as I am sure at this time with no races on  the cards it’s hard to keep your motivation up if you are in the best shape possible and it’s even harder to maintain it at that level. I have enjoyed just keeping the training relaxed but I am defiantly missing racing and the social scene that goes with it, especially at this time of the year when those Sri Chimony Monday Night 5k start to kickoff.

As I have been steadily increasing my mileage over the last three weeks I have started using a new piece of tech called the Stryd Power Meter. From what I can make out this is the only device out there that will provide actual power data for your running. Coming from a cycling background where power data is the gold standard when it comes to getting the most out of your training. I have always wondered why running hasn’t caught onto the same tech and data and if running power would be useful for training.

I will be straight up and say I can never see power data dominating the running scene in the same sense as it does for cycling primarily because one of the main attractions for running is its simplicity and the lack of gear needed. Having done a couple of sessions with this foot pod I can already see the value it can have when it comes to training.
Progressive Run: On Saturday I had the intention to do a progressive run and I was rather happy the way it went. As I was able to cut down each mile and the reps were: 7:12, 6:14, 5:57,5:50,5:45,5:40. The HR was consistent but after looking at the data I was in fact putting out more power/effort over mile 3&4 than I was on the 6th. I would be interested in doing this progressive run again but doing it to power rather than just looking at the pace. One of the largest differences between cycling power and running power is the range of watts recorded. For those none cyclists you would often see a 75watt difference between a say 135pm to 145bpm (10bpm difference) but when running at 135bpm (7min miling) and 160bpm (5:40miling) there is only a difference of 35watts. This makes it quite tricky to keep an eye on the effort.

Air Power %: I defiantly suspect the stryd meter is put to better use when running in tougher environments like Scotland or Chamonix primarily for the effect of elevation or in this case wind resistance. Where in cycling people are obsessed with aero gains whether it be shaving legs or sporting a top so tight it restricts your breathing it does slightly confuse me us runners sometimes wear the most baggy clothes. One data point that is collected by the stryd that really caught my interest was Air Power %. This is simple the power it takes to overcome the wind resistance, the lower the % the more power going towards propelling your forward. What really caught my attention was the value of the % over the final 3 miles of my progressive. The 15mph headwind resulted in an average of 6% Air Power therefore 6% of the power/effort was not going towards increasing my pace. I release this is a bit of common sense that more effort will be needed to overcome a head wind but during an time when we are willing to spend £250 on a pair of shoes that will only save you 4% over an entire marathon this resistance from a light wind of 15mph is rather a lot and when it comes to racing does support the notion of sitting and kicking - heck it might be worth paying your mate £1 to hop on a bike so that you can draft  and safe more than 4%.

The stryd power meter is defiantly one of those protects that increases in value over time and I release it is a rather boring subject but if you have any questions please do ask. If you also have any insight into how to harness some of this data please do let me know...... Stuart Farmer?

A good 16hours of training what this week looked like: 
Monday: AM: 6.2miles @ 7:08/m PM: Bike 64miles (17mph, 3000ft, 170w
Tuesday: AM: 8miles @6:58/m PM: Bike 17miles (19.3mph, 1100ft, 212w)
Wednesday: 8miles @ 7:05/m PM: 19miles (18.4, 1300, 195w)
Thursday: AM: 8miles @ 6:43 (14*30' ON Grass) PM: Bike 20miles (18.2mph, 761ft, 194w)
Friday: Bike 34miles (17.8mph, 2000ft, 188w)
Saturday: AM: 6.21miles @ 6:11 (progressive cut down to 5:40) PM: Bike 33miles (19.5mph, 1400ft, 200w)
Sunday: AM: 10miles @6:48/m PM: Bike 18miles (19.2mph, 1100ft, 220w)
Total: Running 47miles + Biking 206miles = Training 16hrs 40minutes 

I hope you all have a good week.



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