Weekly Cool Down #21

Weekly Cool Down
Best looking course on the east coast of Scotland? I would think so... up for debate
Weekly Cool Down - #21

Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this sun.

I will admit that I have been rather busy over the past 7-days and the time I have been at the computer has been spent writing an article for a fantastic website called SomeGoodIdeas . They produce some great content around food, culture and sustainability, please check them out. I was honoured to be asked to write a piece on my top tips for getting into running and enjoying it. I have not written something like this for a while and I believe no matter the level you are running at there are some relevant ideas to remind yourself off. My piece will be on their website at some point during this week.

The idea I just want to briefly touch on that resonated with me while writing this piece was the theme of patience. When you started swimming you would not have just jumped into the deep end and tired swim 40 lengths or in rugby or hockey you would not have tried to tackle the biggest and most experienced player on the field at your first attempt of tackling. The same goes for getting into running or returning from an injury. Do not just step out the door and try tick of a 30minute run as there will only be one outcome of that story. There is nothing wrong with the run/walk something like run 2minutes walk 4minutes. With patience you become consistent and like most things this is the key for getting better at running. Consistency can be measured across the weeks, months and then years, so take your time and enjoy. 

My running took a step in the right direction this week as I was moving a lot better, be it a lot slower. I kept it honest and ran between 45-70 minutes a day with one double day. As I was not ready to do some running sessions Tom through in some bike sessions, which I have not done in a long time and absolutely loved. Cross training is really helping at this time and being able to step out the door and go straight into a session is brilliant. I already feel that I am gaining some solid aerobic benefits without impacting my body. If any of you have a bike or indoor trainer I would advise this session - 15minutes warm up - 6 minutes (at an hour pace) + 12*30'/30' (sprint) + 6 minutes (hard) - Warm down. What I did take out of this week and something I will look to focus on the coming weeks is my running form. Dull I know... but after looking at a video of me running my shoulders and arm carriage stiffening up as well as noticing my feet are pointing outwards when I contact the ground, plus a few other things. I would suggest at this time recording yourself just so that you can have a look at your form and it gives you something to work on at this time. Personally, before watching this I thought I was moving efficiently though there is a hell of a lot I can be working on at this time.

What this week looked like: 
Monday: 6.2miles @ 7:25/m
Tuesday: 7.8miles @7:15/m PM: Bike 18.4miles (17.2mph + 1,400ft)
Wednesday: 8miles @ 7:13/m
Thursday: 6.2miles @ 7:17/m PM: 1hr (WU+6min+12*30/30+6min+WD) (avg. 19.4mph - 1400ft)
Friday: 6.2miles @ 7:11/m PM: 4.2miles @ 7:08/m
Saturday: 6miles @ 7:25/m PM: Bike (WU 2x(4+4+2)+4x1 WD)
Sunday: 9miles @6:52/m
Total: Running 54miles + Biking 90miles = 11hrs 

I hope you have a great week. 


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