Weekly Cool Down #4

Weekly Cool Down
Parkrun stampede! Normally 400people this week there was 700+! A lot of lane 8 running was involved
Weekly Cool Down - #4

Well that is another year in the books as I hit they quarter century. I was not sure how to accept this age either one of two ways: 
‘Shit - I am closer to 50years old than I am when I was born’ or ‘yes - 25 its an exciting age and car rental prices go down’ 
But seriously, I am very excited about turning another year older. I know at 25 it is easy for me to say this and follow it up with the cliche - ‘age is just a number’ - However every day I am reminded of this, as I try and hold onto the heels of the guys that I train with, the likes of JP and The Leaf - who both keep just getting quicker and quicker across all distances. It is really inspiring and motivates me day in and day out. I just hope I can keep them on their toes from time to time as I try and take the lead down the canal. 
I know my Dad won't mind me saying but he really came into his physical prime in his mid-40s and is a clear example that age is indeed just a number and no matter the level you are competing be obsessive and driven to get the best out of yourself, as long as you are enjoying yourself.  He might not be at the front of the field but year after year he is ticking off pb after pb and in doing so I don’t know anyone that analyses his sessions as much as he does. Do you know your stride length for your last run? No - well he does! 
This is a brief example that no matter the age or life stage you are at you can always get stronger, better, faster  if you have that drive and enjoyment. This is the fantastic aspect of running is that it will always be you against you and no matter your age that will always be the case. 
Sorry, the write-up this week is a bit reduced as it has been rather busy with work.
This past week was getting the body dialled into 10k shape. The core session being 10*k (off 75”). I had a good session at parkrun but I did believe I would have been faster than 15:45, however there was a lot of weaving round a 700+ field on a three loop course. I must thank Davy for plotting and also joining me on the bike for my 13miles run on Sunday. It was rather lumpy and windy start of the run so I did not focus on the pace for the first 8miles just off effort and then I cut the pace down to 5:35-5:40/m to close the final 5miles in 28minute.

What the week looked like:
Monday: REST
Tuesday:   AM: 2m WU - 10*1k (75”) avg.3:10/k  - 2m WD / PM: 7miles @ 7:00/m
Wednesday: AM: 11miles @ 7/m + Gym workout / PM: 6.2miles @ 6:52/m
Thursday:  AM: 8.3miles @ 7:08/m / PM: 6miles (10mins 5:35/m) @ 6:19/m
Friday:AM: 6miles @ 6:43/m /  PM:6miles @ 6:45 
Saturday: AM:3mi;e WU - Dulwich PR 15:45 (5:04/m) - 5mile WD
Sunday:AM: 13.1miles (5miles steady) @6:02/m
Total: 84miles -9hours 30minutes  
I hope you all have a great week. 


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