Weekly Cool Down #5

Weekly Cool Down
Through 6.2k - feeling like a pile of spanners
Weekly Cool Down - #5
This past week has felt like I have been taken out by the French rugby team and then dropped the ball like Stuart Hogg! I am sorry as this weeks write-up is more on the serious side. 
On Tuesday evening running down to Cottage I started to feel a tad bit unwell and subsequently had to work a lot harder than I had expected. I felt that my stomach was not in a good way and I was in a cold sweat. I ticked off the 3xsmall lap/6mins + 7*1min and ran home, this is when my body started to take a turn for the worse and felt less like the Irish Rugby Team more Scottish! 
For the remainder of the week I felt fine doing day to day tasks and be it my HR was only a few ticks higher on easy runs, but nothing to write home about. Saturday rolled around and the body was feeling fantastic as the legs felt springy however I was still getting cold sweets and I was fine to put out the power for 3minutes off effort but I did not feel I could sustain an effort.  
On Sunday morning I still felt under the weather but in the back of my mind I did believe in the fact that if I held it together to at least 6k I should be able to grit it out to the finish. 
Optimal Performance & Resilience  
The two themes I took away from Sunday and want to briefly touch on this week are Optimal Performance and Resilience. 
Optimal Performance - I am not going to use my sickness as an excuse as there is always something you can do to avoid getting sick, in the first place however over the last 5-weeks I have been really demanding a lot out of my body - so I am not surprised I have come down with something, just happy its not the coronavirus. What was reiterated this Sunday was that when you indeed put your body through so much pressure, in this case running 10k at your VO2 max or under 5:00/m, it will not cope with this pressure if you are not at 100% and will shut down.   
As soon as I went through 4k it was obvious to me that I was not able to get out the power and this was because my body was unable to circulate the  red blood cells to my muscles.in turn my body was shutting down and letting me know that with this pressure that I was applying I would need to slow down. I was only able to hold threshold pace for miles 4 & 5 but I was impressed with myself that I did come round to close the final mile in 5:11. 
Whether it be running a 10k or going after a new piece of business or promotion at work - to get to the top off your game you have to be at 100% to face that pressure as there no hiding or blagging it because you will be found out.  
Resilience - Having mentioned above above that yes you have to respect if you are not at 100% however there are times when you just need to bloody knuckle down, buckle up the hatches and shoulder on. On Sunday I did everything in my power to get the best performance out off myself, from doing a diligent warm-up to dropping off the front group as they went through the first km in 2:50. I was pacing the first half well as I went through 5k in 15:36, however as I passed the 4k marker I felt like shite and what didnt help what didn’t help was that there were four runners on the side of the road that had already pulled off. At 5k passed Scott Overall, look him up, but pretty much he was Mo F usher and is an Olympia. So I might have been having a bad day but he was having a worse one, Stuart Hogg esc. 
I was proud of myself that I had the mental toughness to just tell myself just to crack on as it would have been so easy to pack it in and walk to the side of the road and the just chalk it up to being ill. In the long term I will forget about this time as I dont believe its a reflection of the shape I am in however I will remember this experience. I will reflect on this mental resilience when I am feeling good in a race and know that I can push on and make it harder for those who I am racing as I have been in harder situations. 
It is nice that I have an entire season to play with this 10k time and whittle it down and I am on the mend. I might have not physically taken a step in the writing direction this past week but I sure have mentally and that is what I am talking about in the past 7-days.   
What the week looked like:
Monday:     AM: 8.5miles @ 7:04/m / PM: 6miles @6:50/m
Tuesday:   AM: 4miles @7:11/m PM: WU:3miles 3*6mins(90”) + 7*1min (30”) WD: 2miles
Wednesday: AM: 9.6miles @ 6:53/m / PM: 5miles @6:53/m
Thursday:  AM: 5miles @7:13/m / PM: 7miles (2*1k + 6*200) @6:21
Friday:        2k Swim 
Saturday:   5miles + Strides @6:43/m
Sunday: AM: WU - Chichester 10k - WD / PM: 4mile shakeout
Total: 73miles -8hours 11minutes
I hope you all have a great week. 


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