Weekly Cool Down #6

Weekly Cool Down
Honestly so much mud - trying to hold onto Hassan  
Weekly Cool Down - #6

I hope everyone has survived Ciara! If you missed it, just checkout people’s strava titles for accurate on the ground reporting. It is never nice heading out in 60mph wind & rain but a top tip for those on Strava needing motivation to get outside - grab yourself a segment that goes from south west to north east, put a bin bag on  or Stewart Mcandie’s 2xu rain jacket and then kick!
This week was just about getting back to full health. It does amaze me how quickly you can dig yourself into a hole after exerting yourself even just for 32minutes. After Sunday’s 10k effort I felt very run down and this carried on into Monday. It was a safe call to push back the week’s session to Wednesday to make sure I was over the illness. 
For the first time I got to witness Fulham Pain Cave, the track edition - headed up by Stuart Farmer. Over the last 12-months Fulham RC have seen some brilliant performances and a lot can be attributed to this group and Stuart going out his way week after week to set this up. The fruits of his labour are shown by the Cross Country Results this weekend, with us picking up the promotion. 
Belonging to a Club or Group
Fulham has shown time after time why it is so beneficial to belong to a training group to get the best out of yourself. There are the massive benefits of being held accountable, always having someone to chase down or push you but what I feel is more valuable is picking up advice and insight into others you train with and I do believe this gets overlooked. 
It’s almost like cooking a chilli. If you use the same recipe book every time it will produce a similar result but if you pick up another recipe book and it tells you to throw in a bit of chocolate you might find the result is better or worse than the previous recipe. Either way at least you took that step to find out if the change worked for you. 
Once you have taken that first step to shake things up you are more inclined to try and absorb new methods to find that perfect recipe. That is one of the reasons why I believe the runners that are part of FRC have come on so much over the past two years and in turn the promotion to div 1. This is quite a feat when you consider the clubs that are in div. They are probably the best and   the most well established athletics clubs in the country. To put it in perspective to even break into the top 5 you quite often have to have already sported a national vest.
What I value about being part of many training groups is that you have so many different varieties of runners that have strengths from 800m to 100miles but you learn about how they go about becoming so talented at their given discipline. Training in a group is contagious in the sense you share your plan, sessions, results and work ethic which in turn leads to you trying new things and getting you to that next level.  
It was brilliant to see us pick up the promotion this weekend and now we will really need to up the ante heading into the 20/21 cross country season. It might come as a surprise to you but I really don’t enjoy cross country that much but what really gets me to the start line is the team aspect of it and knowing that everyone is pushing themselves for the team scoring sheet.

What the week looked like:
Monday:AM: 7.4@ 7:03/m / PM: 8miles @6:41/m
Tuesday: AM: 10miles @7:00/m / PM: 4miles + strides @6:44/m
Wednesday: AM: 4.5miles @ 6:58/m / PM: WU 3miles - 20*400m (30”) (avg.72) WD: 4miles 
Thursday:  AM: 10miles @7:09/m / PM: 6.4miles + strides GYM workout
Friday: AM: 7.4miles @ 7:04/m
Saturday:  WU 3miles - 5mile XC Surrey 5th Place - WD 6miles @6:10/m
Sunday: 10miles @5:53/m (5k easy - 5*1k @hm effort / 1k float)  
Total: 95miles -10hours 34minutes
Felt very tired by the end of this week and made an effort to get some early nights but need to get better with my nutrition post sessions and also this week I really became lazy with my stretching and mobility. I did do a Pilates class but I should have swapped this for  yoga class as the Pilates was a little bit intense.  
I hope you all have a great week. 


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