Weekly Cool Down #7

Weekly Cool Down
Many Espressos where needed this week
Weekly Cool Down - #7
I hope you are all have had a top start to the week. I send this out as I wait for my flight from Geneva, after spending some time in my favourite place in the world. This summer I am definitely going to be getting out here more frequently.

I don’t normally use this write up to comment on Athletic current affairs but it seems the last 21 days has been rather hectic. From the new rules around shoe dimensions and Nike Vaporflys escaping  the ban (or just paying enough money), a new panorama episode into Mo and Alberto Salazar, Tokyo Marathon mass race cancelled over coronoavirus with 35,000 runners effected - I hope this is not an insight into what is to come for the olympics later this year, and finally on a positive note a new 5k road record 12:51(4:08/m) by Joshua Cheptegei and also a pole vault world record by Mondo Duplantis 6.18m, worth a watch incredible. 

Whether it be positive or negative athletic news you can not disagree with the fact that such events add to the drama around the athletics events and I do believe that the sport requires this to attract more attention and add some spice to the events especially given its and Olympic year. This leads me onto what I believe UK Athletics should look to initiate and emulate the US Olympic trials.

US Olympic Trials 
With just under 2-weeks to the US Marathon Olympic trials it is an exciting time for US distance running with all off the top marathoners getting to race head to head for those 3places. What makes this affair so exciting is:
Story lines - there are so many different story lines and backgrounds for each individual lining up on the 29th. Whether it be the seasoned athletes like Jared Ward, Scott Fauble or Bernard Lagat (45) or you have the track specialists like Galen Rupp and finally the ultra runner Jim Walmsley. These are just a few names and the women’s line up is even more exciting. But each athlete has a point to prove and wants to pick up there ticket to Tokyo. 
The Course - recently it has felt like marathon spectating has been all about getting the quickest ever time and there is a pursuit to try find the flattest course. This has been emphasised by the sheer growth and attention on courses like Valencia, Dubai or Houston and in turn it seems that the aspect of racing one another has become secondary. This course in Atlanta is rather lumpy and as you are aiming for places it should be a very exciting and tactical affair as it is all down to the head to head foot race.
The point hear I want to make is that UK athletics should emulate this. Given the healthy state of UK athletics especially marathoning there should be a trial event that sets up who gets there ticket stamped and to entry this race you need a qualifying time. Not only does it put pressure on each individual athlete to show up on the day and perform, just like what the Olympics requires but also gives your top club runners a goal to aim for and to attract more awareness to the competitive nature of domestic athletics. Of course we have London however I do believe there is the depth of talent in UK running to host such trials without taking away from the London Marathon. So please UK athletics let’s get this in place to see some of the nations top marathoners go head to head.

This Week
I finally think I have got rid of those flu like symptoms over the past week. I was still lacking that top end VO2 work but put my head down and ticked off two workouts that touched on those threshold paces. Thursday was meant to be alternative ½ MP + 10k pace but given the conditions I was only able to hold 1/2MP for 12*1k (90”) with a total volume of 15miles avg. 5:25/mile (3:26/k). I was in chamonix this Sunday and rattled of a solid workout long run made up off 3*5miles on the loop (350ft) I was able to progress each loop kicking things off with a 31:37/29:22/28:40 this last rep was avg. 5:42. I was rather pleased with this as given Chamonix isn’t too high you still feel the altitude at this sort of effort and the undulating nature of the loop makes the final 2miles a real drag. 
Only a few more workout to get myself in the best possible shape for London big half, so it’s time to knuckle down.

What the week looked like:
Lower milage but larger volume sessions
Monday: AM: 8.4miles@ 7:05/m / PM: 6.3miles @7:22/mile +strides
Tuesday: AM: 7miles@7:22/m / PMWU 2miles - 2*biglap 9mis (2”) + 6mis @5:17/m wd 4miles 
Wednesday: 9.5miles @7:25/m
Thursday: 15miles @ 5:50/m (12*1k @5:25 (90” float)
Friday: REST-flight to chamonix 
Saturday: AM: 6miles @ 7:02/m / PM: 6miles @6:50/m + strides
Sunday: 15miles @ 5:54/m - 3*5miles (hilly)steady
Core: 5* 10minutes
Total: 85miles - 9hrs 29minutes
I hope you all have a great week. 


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