Weekly Cool Down #8

Weekly Cool Down
2019 London Big Half - join the train!
Weekly Cool Down - #8
Morning All, 
Not sure about you but just about survived what was an absolute crapper off a week when it came down to the conditions outside. I can only hope this is the climate getting rid off all its rubbish before we get a good spell. It has been a fairly heavy couple of weeks of training now ahead of what is one of my goal races this spring, The Vitality London Big Half. I am currently on day 63 of this training block and do believe I have put together some solid weeks of training. As I am no 5 days out from the Big half It will be good for my body to absorb some of that training and taper into this race to really test myself over the 13.1 miles. 
63-days in is also a great opportunity to understand what sort of shape I am in and where have I put in the work over those days. Once again I must thank Stuart Farmer for providing me with his Training Log template as it is a fantastic excel, well fantastic for those running nerds out there. Having pulled all this data into the spreadsheet there are some interesting points I have taken on board along with insights that I should look to action over the coming months. 
  1. Consistency
Recently my races haven't been going entirely to plan and none of my sessions have been ground breaking or extraordinary however having analysed the data over the last 63 days it has just showcased and re-emphasised the key of consistency and the matter of fact of you just need to keep turning up week in & week out. My 7-day weekly avg. has been 86.3miles/wk with almost every third day completing a speed session. As I only have a couple years of running in my legs it is key for me to keep my training consistent and in due course the times will come. 
  1. Taking my Easy runs Easy 
In this cycle I have been really diligent when it comes to taking my easy and recovery runs very easy - to ensure I can really push myself on the harder days. Over 70% of my mileage has been between 72%-79% (6:40-7:30) of Goal Marathon pace which translates that the majority of my runs are a good 2-mins slower than my marathon pace. The graph below shows the pace distribution and that a lot of my speed sessions have been at GHMP.
  1. Pacing Perspective
I have come away from a number of sessions feeling like haven't hit the splits I would have liked too. Having analysed the speed sessions at greater detail this is not the case and 13 out of the 21 speed sessions I have completed have been above half Marathon Goal Pace which is 105% (5:13/mile). The intensity has been there and I have been recently increasing the distance of these sessions which is a good sign for the big half this weekend.   
What I have to change going forward are:  
  1. Keep on top of rest day's - Over the last 63 days have only taken 3-entire rest days so will need to keep a close eye on the training intensity scores over the next couple months and listen to the body - if I am feeling under the weather make the brave decision to call a rest day. 
  2. Include Strides - I have not been good at keeping on top of using strides to increase my leg turn over. 
The Big Half
With the Big Half this Sunday I am going to taper into this race and my primary goal is to set a new PB and will aim to go below 69 minutes. Last year on this course I ran 70 minutes, however I ran positive split and given the conditions I very much hope to go quicker. The plan is to go out more conservatively as with the first half it was quite easy to get caught up with the hype and not follow your own plan. I will be strict at aiming for going through 10k in 32:30 - 10 miles in around 52:30 and the final 5k is all about looking down the straight road and picking out that individual you want to catch. I am determined to to break that 69 barrier but also want to run a negative split in doing so. With the analysis of recent races and sessions I do think there is a fine line into whether or not I am in PB shape so will just need to be calculated in my racing strategy and really stay focused for the remainder of the week, with my nutrition, sleep and sessions. The last time I raced on these roads was during the London Marathon, and I don't think there has been a lower point in my running career than this race so either way I am excited and motivated to go into this race in good shape and healthy.

What the week looked like:
Monday: AM:7.16miles @ 6:57/m / PM: 6.3miles @6:48/mile +strides
Tuesday:AM:WU: 2.52miles - 8*1200m (75”) + 5*200m (30”) - WD: 2.52 
Wednesday:AM: 8miles @ 7:19/mi / PM: 5miles @ 7:29/mi
Thursday:AM: 8miles 10*1min on/off @ 6:24/mi / PM: 6.12miles @7:00/mi + Gym
Friday:AM: 7.7miles @ 7:15/mi / PM: 4.6miles @ 7:21/mi 
Saturday: AM: WU: 2miles - 6.21miles @ 5:15/mile - WD: 3.3miles / PM: 6.2miles@ 7:20/mi
Sunday: AM: 11.33miles @7:06/m + Gym & Swim (2000m) 
Core: 5* 10minutes
Total: 94miles -10hours 41minutes
I hope you all have a great week and good luck to all those who are racing this Sunday. 


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